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Course 05B: Your Journey to Mediumship

Your ‘Journey to Mediumship’ begins with your awareness; the exploration and development of your innate psychic ability and through gentle nurturing / guidance, stimulating and heightening that awareness contributing to a solid foundation on which to build your knowledge and ability of mediumship.

The start and success of your journey depends upon a positive mental attitude; commitment with a willingness to learn allowing the unfolding of your spiritual gifts.

This course is designed to inspire, build confidence, and give guidance in a supportive encouraging environment contributing to perfecting your Journey whatever that may be.

We will engage in a spectrum of meditation
private sittings
understanding self/sensitivity
confidence building
psychic awareness
difference between psychic/spirit
understanding the power
mediumistic contacts

‘Fear and ignorance create a state of immobility’, let us help eradicate that fear and confusion in this week of exploration, fun and intense work allowing you to be confident in your forward journey and work for spirit.