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Course 07B: The Medium – The Teacher 1

This course is uniquely designed for those mediums who work or are about to work for spirit, serving Spiritualist Churches and Centres.

This twice-yearly course will focus on all aspects of public presentation – from the address to the lecture – from the one-to-one private sitting to the public demonstration of mediumship – from Spiritualist Church to Town Hall! (Second Course 51A)

Our aim is to ‘polish’ and ‘sharpen’ your skills to meet all required and necessary areas of knowledge and expertise.

We will:

  • Provide one-to-one assessments, mentoring each individual to help you achieve your maximum potential
  • Provide you with supportive help with public speaking skills and techniques designed to boost both your confidence and abilities
  • Help you to design and structure your workshops, awareness courses and seminars
  • Help you to develop and structure your private readings, defining the intuitive reading, evidential reading and your spiritual appraisal so that your session is to an acceptable, professional standard. We will be making an in-depth study of the content, timing, appropriateness, etc.

We will also help and support you with your advertising needs, namely, posters, flyers and advertisements, using Adobe and Photoshop, as well as social media.

We are limiting this course to only 24 students so that there will be sufficient opportunities for everyone to receive individual tuition. However, you will be required to book and attend on both courses to achieve the very best we can offer you.

During these courses, there will be opportunities to attend a local Spiritualist Church where you will be part of a Spiritualist Service and/or a Public Demonstration of Mediumship. We will be filming these and more presentations throughout the course for assessment purposes.

Prior to the start of the first course, you will receive a full information pack, detailing information you will need for these courses.

Are you a Spiritualist? Are you ready to receive constructive help and support to become a better ambassador for both spirit and Spiritualism? Are you willing to be the very best you can for the public arena? If you can respond with ‘yes’, then these courses are especially tailored for you!

Join us for what we believe will be intense, hard-working and enjoyable courses.