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Course 08A: Mastering Energy & Mediumship

Note: Also: Course 41a ' Mastering Energy, Energy Management, Art & Mediumship' 22nd to 29th Sept 2018
Course 7b 'Mastering Energy, Energy Management & Mediumship' 23rd February to 2nd March 2019
Course 33a 'Mastering Energy, Energy Management, Art & Mediumship' 24th to 31st August 2019
Each course is different yet with elements designed to offer essential foundation & progressive continuity

Discover & Access Life's Hidden Dimensions

Study the finer detail and micro dynamics of energy or simply immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

Newcomers can explore while advanced & intermediate students & teachers can move to new levels.

What is the Composition of Energy related to Mediumship? How does it work? How does it affect you, your Mediumship and interactivity with others? What happens? Why and how? Enjoy being yourself.

Janette and her Team of Tutors welcome you to join a diverse week dedicated to Mastery. Enhance your Management of the energy that you are, work and Live with. Explore the nature of energy, its role and the effect it generates in mediumship, physical mediumship, life, health, conditions and practices. You may attend all courses if you wish to reinforce & deepen the momentum of your understanding & ability.
Our goal is insight to your 'Personal & Mediumistic Mastery' and our focus is to the 'Medium as a whole'.

Energetic Mastery; How to maintain your sense of Self in a home, working or Mediumistic Environment.
Master the 'Adrenalin' effect, recognise the relevance of timing, composition & energy platforms.
Comprehend the complexities, therapeutic value and influence of mediumistic faculties in daily life.
Realise the Magical and Transformational properties of mediumistic, intuitive and energy techniques.

Mediums, Healers, Teachers, Philosophers, Musicians, Actors and Artists and persons from any walk of life can gain insight from the evolving Mechanics of Mediumship. Realise the role of the defense, coping and survival mechanisms in mediumship & life. Recognise the energetic impacts and influence to the Medium and others. Exploring Mediumistic, Intuitive and Spiritual practices we investigate how these subjects relate to, for example, the inspired mind, therapeutic techniques, science, seer ship, psychic Sciences, psychic detection, health, psychology, physiology, art, photography, creativity & philosophy.

Receive valuable keys to greater energetic awareness and stability. Strengthen your sensitivity, lessen your vulnerability and increase your resilience and confidence. Understand how to embrace the nuances and responsibilities of working with the public or in a public environment. Realise how you affect or are affected and how to adapt or adjust embrace nervous energy. Master evidential & spiritual atmosphere.

Sensitive & evidential Mediumship enriches atmospheres & can generate phenomenal effect. Our team are here to help you recognise how you are structuring your links and how you can personally make a difference to the quality of your Mediumship. Be your unique self and yet also be part of the process that supports greater collective understanding. Master your Mind, Evidential Mediumship and Mindfulness.
Self-Mastery using the power of intelligence. Strive for individual excellence with respect and reverence to the Team Environment. Whatever your ultimate goal, our aim is to encourage you to embrace your fuller potential. Have fun exploring. You will be active in your Mediumship individually, in pairs & groups
You will also be asked if you have specific goals or main areas of interest. Work opportunities include:

  • Platform Mediumship
  • Private Sittings 1 to 1
  • Philosophy & Healing
  • Altered States & Trance
  • Intuitive & Energy Techniques
  • Stillness & Vibrational Awareness
  • Structure of Art & the Healing Arts
  • Teaching Awareness. Research and Exploration. Discuss. Explore. Contribute.
  • Enhance Consciousness. Align the conscious and subconscious to gain new perspectives

Please email info@janettemarshall.com if you wish to introduce yourself or specify personal goals