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Course 08B: The Natural Medium

Looking into the window of your own soul to discover the naturalness of your mediumship is a way of awakening.

When you discover the working of your natural form of mediumship, working with what and who you are today, you are working with a great power that crates an opportunity to let your soul speak. You cannot be like another, or be like another medium, the only thing we can do is be our own natural self-giving us the expression of our own soul in order to express the soul of another or loved ones in the spirit world.

Do you wish to be your own medium? Understand your own mediumship? Discover the workings of your own soul? Then come and join an experienced team of Tutors who will work with you to help you discover the truth of your mediumship to help you to become your own teacher within your own mediumship.

"Spiritual progression is dependent upon our own soul’s development and the true expression of it. We cannot be like another we can only ever be ourselves"