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Course 11A: Finnish Week

Our Finnish friends have been visiting the College for many years. Your rich heritage of Spiritualism has enriched ours in many ways. The Second Principle of National Spiritualism is “The Brotherhood of Man”. During this course we will embrace this principle in an atmosphere of love and harmony. Together we will unite the two worlds in our theoretical and practical sessions. The tutors are highly experienced in the field of spiritual mediumship and will guide you in understanding your own abilities and relationship with your guides.

 Subjects covered this week;

Trance Healing Mediumship
Trance Speaking Mediumship
Spirit Art with creative mediumship
Evidential Mediumship in private sittings and demonstrations
Experimental sessions with Spirit Photography
Understanding how the spirit energy functions
Learn to read Aura
Develop tools which will help you in the presentation of your mediumship
How to live with sensitivity
Daily student demonstrations for those students who have experience. You will be assessed in the presentation
Spiritual philosophy with trance teachings from spirit

All of the above and so much more will be guided this week under the influence of the spirit world. It is hoped you can join us in what promises to be a week of learning, laughter, and spirituality growing together in the wonderful atmosphere of the Arthur Findlay College.

We will have lectures, group tutorials, workshops, and student demonstrations. This group will include an optional field trip which will be an extra cost to the normal course fee and will be subject to availability and to a minimum number.