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Course 12A: Art and the Soul

‘Art and soul’ is an exciting week of working in the power of the spirit with art as our inspiration.

This is a week designed to allow you to experience the intelligence of the spirit and to express it in artistic form .We all have an inner creativity; finding out how that creativity manifests itself is part of our spiritual journey.

We will offer you the opportunity to work with Art, Drawing and Painting, Inspired word, Philosophy, Poetry and Music.

We will take the time to work in the old traditional and well established manner but at the same using new methods and technology to allow both ourselves and the spirit world to be challenged.

We will experiment with various media, working in altered states of consciousness to allow those who work with us in the unseen worlds to step forward and inspire us.

We will work closely with our inner knowing to deliver beautiful works of artistic inspiration which can be treasured for a lifetime and we will learn explain their meaning and significance.

We will take the opportunity to allow those who have passed before us to bring back their memories of their time here, by sketching their faces and objects and scenes they remember, with the object and intention of proving their continued survival.

This is a week of great joy and laughter, beauty and colour, in the company of friends and with the support of a great teaching team.

You should come with an open mind and a willingness to experiment and you should expect to work in a calm and relaxed but exciting and inspirational environment.

Most importantly we will work with HEART and SOUL.

If you have new technology and you wish to bring it along then, please do.
Many materials will be supplied but if you wish to keep personal records, journals etc. then you would need to bring your own.

If you like your own drawing media, pastels, graphite’s etc., then please feel free to bring them and lastly…... a clothing coverall, (apron or old shirt) would be a great addition.