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Course 13B: Mediumship –No Boundaries

Allow yourself to embark on a journey of enhancement.

Your mediumistic development is continuous and at a rate individual to self, HOWEVER its enhancement/ unfoldment and progression are often intensified, superseding previous levels of expectation by intermittent periods of focus and intense training within an ambience of dedicated, professional caring tutors.

The Door has already been opened……are you willing to enter ; trusting, accepting the challenge, going beyond your comfort zone, enhancing both your spiritual and mediumistic/ professional ability to that of the next level ?

Course work
Investigating individual potential…strengths/weaknesses.

Mediumship; public presentation, strength of evidence, contact to correct recipient going direct/throwing out, mechanics and individuality of mediumship, building and holding power, perception.

Public speaking.

Private sittings; evidential/psychic, difference of psychic faculty/spirit world, morals/ ethics, awareness of recipients needs.

The course involves; groups, workshops, lectures, tutorial, sittings, culminating in a presentation of student work, all levels.