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Course 15B: Tune Into Your Spiritual Potential

Join Andrew and his dedicated and inspirational team for an exciting new week of empowerment, transformation and discovery. This week will provide and build strong foundations of power and mediumship in its many states, whilst recognising and unfolding the power of self.

True mediumship is an expression of beauty, service and healing. It is a state of being whereby our mediumistic and psychic abilities unfold with the oneness and nature of The Spirit.

The pathways of expression of the medium are many. There are no standardised methods for development. We are each unique within who we are and the unfoldment of our potential. Mediumship is often overcomplicated by people. It is simple and natural but takes dedication and time.

This week will create the space needed for the unfoldment of your natural and individual mediumistic and psychic abilities in an authentic way that is right for you.

Together we will fine tune our blending with the soul, the spirit world, and the power that animates us and all things.

During this course you will gain theoretical and practical experience in:

Attunement with The Power ~ Inspiration, intuition and perception.
Awareness ~ Of self (mind, body and spirit).
The will of the soul.
Working with the psychic and mediumistic faculties, and truly knowing the difference between them.
Presentation techniques.
Building a solid relationship and rapport with The Spirit World.
Finding reverence and meaning in what you do and who you are.
Exploring altered states.
The Healing ability of mediumship.
Being The Medium.

This course is for all abilities and will help you to find authenticity within who you are, uncover your own unique expression of mediumship, and ultimately become the best that you can be.

‘Mediumship should not be what it was yesterday’~ Will Ford.

Be The Medium that The Spirit World needs for today!

If you have any questions about this course, please contact andrewmanship@hotmail.co.uk