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Course 18B: Experimental Mediumship

Spiritualism is a Religion, a Philosophy, and a Science. This course has been designed for those who wish to experiment with the scientific side of mediumship. We will be trying different methods to enter into the altered states of consciousness and physical mediumship.

We will using different types of photographic equipment try to help you develop your Spirit Photography, all you have to do is bring a camera of some kind, digital or 35 mm. There will also be other equipment supplied for you to experiment with while trying to produce Spirit extras on your photographic equipment.

We will be experimenting with electronic equipment such as printers, computers, and radios, to try to get Spirit communication through them.

We will be exploring the altered states of consciousness and finding out what can be achieved at the different levels. We will also be investigating mediumship, to help unlock your potential in these areas.

Whether it is the altered states of consciousness, Spirit photography, or you are just interested in experimenting with different aspects of mediumship, we will endeavour to help you to discover the best techniques and energies to help you move forward in your development, and bring a greater understanding of the levels of your mediumship.