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Course 22B: Mediumship - The First Steps

Are you ready to start exploring your Psychic and Mediumistic abilities?
Or would you like to ‘Go Back to Basics’ and refresh your understanding?

This course is for those who wish to be encouraged and supported as they explore their sensitivity, awareness and spirituality.

The programme is designed to help you lay strong foundations in all aspects of mediumship – and then progress you further.

The week will be very busy, full of variety with lots of practice exercises, things to try and enjoyable things to do.

Your Course will include:

  • Easily understood information and straight-forward teaching.
  • Lots of opportunity to learn and put it all in to practise.
  • ‘Group Sessions’ – with a smaller number of people and plenty of time to ‘have a go’.
  • ‘Tutorials’ – where everyone comes together for theory, explanation and information.
  • ‘Workshops’ – with interesting exercises to bring out special skills.
  • ‘Meditations’ – to discover, and blend with, your Spirit Within.
  • Learning about the Aura and colour – and other aspects of Mediumship such as Healing and Trance.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate and perform.
  • Time to answer your queries and questions.
  • Papers to take home to remind you of what you have learned and how much you achieved.
  • Demonstrations of Mediumship by your Tutors at the Services.
  • A Personal ‘Evidential’ or ‘Spiritual Assessment’ reading can be booked with Tutors.
    (There will be an additional Charge).

Come and join us – because our aim is to bring out the best in you.