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Course 23A: The Demonstrating Medium

This course of Mediumship development is for those who want to stand up and represent the spirit world and work with their own spiritual gifts as a demonstrating medium.

The focus will be on aspects of public work from evidential spirit communication, its presentation and practice and also leaving all those attending in no doubt that they have been part of a celebration with the spirit world.

This very experienced team of tutors with many years’ demonstrating experience are on a mission to help you become the best medium you can be.

Aim to reach higher and offer intricate details that make up evidential communication to the standard any medium would be proud to offer, and the recipient of any message is delighted to receive. The message given from any public platform differs from that offered in a 1-2-1 situation, learning that which is acceptable from platform whilst engaging everyone is required of any demonstrating medium.

Also included on this course we shall be covering other aspects of being a demonstrator, such as public speaking, how to engage and keep the attention of your congregation and audience, the inspired address or talk, the need for spiritual philosophy, conduct and responsibility. Our aim is to inspire those attending to take a higher standard of demonstration to the Spiritualist churches and centres both in the UK and abroad.

We sincerely hope this will place you on a pathway to being a new generation of public worker, taking the message and philosophy of spirit and Spiritualism forward.

This week is open to those of an intermediate to advanced level in Mediumship development only, no beginners or novices please.