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Course 24A: Trance - An Exploration

Are you interested in trance? Are you looking for a closer blending with the spirit world? Then this may be the course for you.

Together, we will be experimenting with altered states of consciousness and the different energies you will experience. Understanding the energies and processes of trance can be overwhelming but my well-experienced team will help, support and encourage you throughout this course.

During this intensive and practical course, you will be encouraged to experience many different techniques, focusing especially on trance speaking and trance communication. Trance will enhance your closeness with spirit and we will investigate this further. We will also be experimenting with different techniques and approaches to reach that state of mind where we can let go of fears and inhibitions and find that inner stillness and silence.

Your tutors will guide you in the best possible ways so that you may experience and understand the energies and the presence of your inspirers; how spirit may influence you to be of service.

We hope that during this course, you will create memories for life, strengthen the bonds with your team of spirit inspirers through practice, theory and even more practice, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and of Spiritualism.

Join us for what we believe will be a great course.