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Course 25B: Fine Tuning Your Mediusmhip

Do you ENJOY your development? Are you artistic, creative and/or have natural mediumship?

If so then this could be the course for you. Val, who is passionate about Evidential mediumship will work with Advanced students (those already working regularly with public and private mediumship) Sally Barnes will work with Intermediate students ,those who know they can communicate with Spirit and just need more opportunity to practice, and Mia Ottosson is a Spirit artist who will work with her students with Spirit art(faces) Inspirational art and auragraphs.

During groups you will work with your group tutor and during tutorials and workshops you will all have an opportunity to work with the other tutors, thereby expanding your knowledge in all directions, possibly tapping into unknown mediumship you may have.

Content of the week there will be opportunities for:

  • Meditation/Attunement/Meeting guides and helpers
  • Altered states Techniques for Private and Public work for Mediumship & Speaking
  • Exercises/tutorials/private sittings.
  • Working alone/working as part of a team/advanced mediumship for all.
The theme of the week is to encourage you to always KNOW when you are in the power with Spirit and when you come out of it, causing you to lose your link. We hope that during this week you will truly learn the importance of staying in the power of Spirit. Blending together creates respect in which you, as an individual, can grow and this, in turn, enables you to empower yourself and your mediumship, making you a more confident medium who will, hopefully, be a pioneer for Modern mediumship while remembering the standards of our older mediums and Pioneers. Val hopes you will find this course appeals to you-she and her tutors are waiting to encourage you and your mediumship to bring it to its highest and best level in ways that you KNOW are right for you.