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Course 31: The Unexpected Journey

Join Brian Robertson and Simon James as they proudly present from the Inner Quest Foundation the very popular course: The Unexpected Journey.

Brian and Simon have for over the last 20 years at the AFC specialized in the deeper aspects of the medium’s journey. Their esoteric understanding of the “Magician” to the “Mystic” gives awareness to the medium’s path: The Unexpected Journey.

Today more than ever, people are searching for a greater understanding of the art and practice of mediumship. To find a deeper commitment both to the Spirit World and to their own Spirit.
The Journey of the Medium is a challenging one both in time and personal discovery. Much needs to be sacrificed in order to be received.

Our ancestors and pioneers of mediumship understood this perfectly and were therefore giants of the mediumistic world. Individuals such as Andrew Jackson Davis, Gordon Higginson and Estelle Roberts were both Magician and Mystic in the way they understood and presented the Spirit World.

In the 21st century we can learn the art and practice of Spiritual Mediumship in its truest sense. The complete at-onement of the Medium with the Spirit. A true ambassador of Two Worlds.

Explore and enhance your mediumistic experience and allow your journey to be unexpected… Walk with us and stand on the shoulders of giants.