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Course 45A: Trance Healing 2

This course is not suitable for beginners. Applicants for this course must have attended at least one Trance Healing week at this college in the last three years. When booking please include dates of previous courses.

Healing is an act of service, a service to God, the Spirit World, and to people in a physical existence who are in need of the help, the service of healing can bring.

We will use the trance teaching techniques in an attempt to bring you into a closer relationship with the spirit healers. Also learning more about sitting in the power to build physical energy to enhance the healing we have the privilege to work with.

Join us to learn more about yourselves and healing on a course that includes Tutorials/ Lectures, tutor demonstrations and group sessions that are designed to give you hands on experience and not just listening but doing. There will also be a limited number of private sittings with the tutors. The sittings available are trance healing, personal appraisals and evidential communication.

Groups limited to 12 students