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Course 47A: Trance and Art

This week is specially designed for you to work with Art in the Altered States of Consciousness. I believe this week will be exciting, stimulating and challenging, as it will offer a large element of experimental opportunities with the spirit world. My aim is to help you achieve a closer bond and blending with this world.

This course is open to everyone, regardless of artistic ability and experience. It is structured to provide opportunities for you to experiment with your mediumistic development creativity.

Throughout this course, you will have opportunities to:

  • Sit in the power of the cabinet
  • Work with the vibrations of colour, fragrance and sound
  • Work in ‘tandem’ with other mediums
  • Work with technology, e.g., ipads, mobile phones, touch screens, etc.
  • Work with inspiration with speaking and writing
  • Work with a large variety of artistic materials

You will be supported by an excellent team of motivated and professional tutors, who will help you to further your development and, hopefully, fulfil your potential.

Some materials, media and paper will be provided but if you wish to bring your own, this will be much appreciated.

A coverall or apron or old shirt will be a useful addition as this work can be messy. Please bring along any technology you have, e.g., tablets, phones and laptops.

Join me and my team and I feel sure we will have a great course.