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Course 52B: Infinite Possibilities

'You are limitless and our potential possibilities are endless'

This course is designed for those who really want to improve and enhance their mediumistic abilities. You are the Pioneers of the future; let us make the Pioneers of the past and present proud of our endeavours to move your mediumship and spiritual aspects of yourselves as a Brotherhood forward; as we celebrate in unity your mediumistic abilities and the joining together with spirit.

Our passionate experienced team of tutors will endeavour to inspire, encourage and guide you in a positive and enthusiastic caring environment; helping you to build confidence within yourselves and strengthening your link with the spirit world. This week will be hard working, rewarding and fun.

Subjects covered on the week:-

  • Meditation and the power of prayer
  • Mediumistic/psychic development
  • Philosophy and its need
  • Public Demonstrating, Presentation and Techniques
  • Psychic Sittings/Evidential Private Sittings/Spiritual Appraisals
  • Conduct and Responsibility of Mediumship

There will also be opportunities for student demonstrations with constructive feedback

Join us in the prestigious ambience of The Arthur Findlay College and allow your team of tutors the privilege of being part of your spiritual and mediumistic journey.

Are you ready to trust and believe in The Divine Power that manifests within you?