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SNU Diplomas:
  • Basic Foundation (Academic)
SNU Certificates of Recognition:
  • Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)
  • Public Speaking
  • Private Sittings
  • Administration
  • SNU Tutor

Professionalism, education, perseverance, passion, education, respect and a deep commitment to students achieving their potential, are what makes Helen tick. Having been aware of Spiritual phenomena and spirit communication as long as she can remember, Helen has dedicated herself to working with this exciting and vitalising aspect of our lives. A keen Platform, Trance and Transfiguration Medium; evidence and presentation are the cornerstone of her work. She is also a Colour Therapist and often incorporates this knowledge into her teaching – opening up new and exciting avenues for her students to work with.

Helen is also known as a Philosopher and has studied Applied Social Sciences – specialising in Theology, Sociology and Psychology. As a Tutor, she is also the eternal student. It’s not unusual for her to have three courses being studied at any given time – at the moment it is a part time undergraduate course in mineralogy and volcanology, another in crystal energy and another in Public Work. Helen regards every aspect of working with spiritual energy and the energy of the universe as inspirational to all.

Helen demonstrates Mediumship and Philosophy widely and Tutors students across the globe. She also has a passion for Trance Healing and is humbled by the ‘journey’she observes in every student.

She is a natural Public Speaker and loves sharing her inspirational ideas and knowledge. Helen is also a teacher of Meditation techniques. Her friends describe her as supportive and kind with a ‘wickedly’ dry sense of humour./p>

Helen conducts private sittings in her home in West Sussex when she is not away teaching.

Helen can be contacted by email: info@sensingspirit.co.uk
or via her website:www.sensingspirit.co.uk