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SNU Certificates of Recognition:
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Janette Marshall

Janette has been spiritually and energetically aware since birth and views it, in principle, as a natural experience. Her business acumen affords her a strong, logical foundation. She is a highly versatile individual who enjoys teaching all aspects of mediumship, including the healing arts, in the UK and overseas.

Regarding herself as a technician she loves to focus to the mechanics of mediumship and ways in which to enhance and fine tune abilities. Her approach to teaching includes an avid interest in historical, scientific and creative influences, with respect for both traditional and innovative methods.

Her passion for spiritual psychology and philosophy allow her to present a comprehensive overview of the energetic relationship between every day responses and mediumistic skills. This conscious awareness facilitates a greater understanding of energy management and how links are structured and maintained.

Janette also offers a limited number of private sessions during the year to individuals requiring readings, one to one coaching in platform mediumship, trance, sound techniques, spiritual art and many other aspects of mediumship.

For further information visit her website www.janettemarshall.com or contact her on email address info@janettemarshall.com