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SNU Certificates of Recognition:
  • Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)
  • Public Speaking

Mia Ottosson

Mia Ottosson is from Sweden and has been involved in Spiritualism since 1994 and she´s been a working medium and psychic artist for over 15 years.

Her journey led her to AFC to gain proper training and the understanding of her gifts.

She is the only one in the Nordic countries that is a fully approved tutor at the AFC and the only Swedish person that has taken CSNU in demonstrating and speaking.

Her passion is to teach and she loves to share the knowledge she has gained over the years. To help people see the beauty within themselves, to build confidence within their own gift.

She thinks it is important to find the right tools for each individual and to help them have fun whilst developing.

It should be a joy to work with spirit.

She's been involved within the Swedish week at the AFC for several years and like to bring knowledge, good training and understanding of Spiritualism and all aspects of mediumship to Swedish people and to people worldwide.

For more information about Mia or her work you can e-mail her on medium@miaottosson.se or visit her webpage www.miaottosson.se